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1. Any fictional character you really connect with?
I feel like I connect with Flame Princess because she’s short and cute and adorable and I’m god damn cute.

2. Any food that you don’t like that usually everyone else likes?

3. Least favorite music genre in general?
Rap. Fucking gross.

4. Last time you felt an extreme case of an emotion (Happy, sad, etc.) and why?
Sadness because my cousin killed himself.

5. A song that makes you tear up every time for any reason?
My heart will go on because its fucking amazing

6. What’s a show that everyone else seems to like but you just can’t get into?
Merlin or anything in the superwholock category. 

7. Think of something you love. Why do you love it so much?
I love my MCR cd collection because it took me forever to get all 4 and I’m so proud of it.

8. Anything life changing happen recently?
Not really anything that I can think of.

9. Guilty pleasures?
Chocolate anything ever made.

10. What’s the best part of the day?
My classes after lunch I love them all

11. Worst part of the day?
Night time.

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